Feng Shui pronounced fung schway. Feng Shui is an ancient art of arranging your surroundings to attract positive life energy so that it flows smoothly, unblocking any obstructions in your body and environment. Feng Shui evolved from the theory that people are affected for better or worse by their surroundings.

The symbolism of Feng Shui presented
in the exquisite workmanship of the lovely Hagen Renaker Miniatures.

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Miniatures to Create Wealth

The Horse of Success is depicted in a dominant stance, with two front hoofs swung in mid-air which denotes to ultimate power and glory! The Horse is a strong Feng Shui symbol of agressive wealth accumulation as well as authority, status and strength. This Feng Shui animal makes a perfect decor item for career men and women, as well as those who seek more wealth luck.

Golden Skywalker - FS32841 -- $42.50

Golden Arabian
FS20491 -- $17.50
Full of spirit, strength and vitality, the horse represents nobility, speed and endurance.

Golden Seabiscuit
FS40051 -- $18.50

Golden Pony Colt
FS3360 -- $19.75

Golden Stallion
FS33491 -- $21.50

Golden Colt
FS2351 -- $13.50

Running Horse One
FS3357-1 $25.00

Running Horse Two
FS3357-2 $25.00

Running Horse Three
FS3357-3 $25.00

Friendship and loyalty are symbolized by Man's Best Friend.

Golden Greyhound
FS33431 -- SOLD OUT

Golden Poodle
FS821 -- $18.00

Golden Afghan
FS30631 -- SOLD OUT

The hen laying golden eggs signifies surprisingly outstanding yield in your endeavours such as business pursuits, career, sales and even your personal wishes such as getting a great spouse. It is also a good representation of riches and abundance. This hen is especially recommended to be placed in the West of your office, bedroom or living room to bring you plenty of outstanding opportunities.

Hen w/ Golden Eggs -- FS40031 -- SOLD OUT

The rooster brings good fortune and joyful events in Feng Shui. Although it is not a bird of threat, but it is its character that made it useful in feng shui. It has a strong, abled, confident and protective character.

Golden Rooster -- FS2039 -- $16.25

Golden Beckoning Cat
FS40041 -- $15.00
Wealth cats are often seen in restaurants and shops in Chinatown. It is a must for those in business to bring in more customers and sales. It attracts money luck, business, prosperity and opportunities. Its paws beckoning signifies wealth arriving. This item is extremely suitable to be placed at your work desk for salespersons, or living rooms or at cashier.

Golden Sitting Cat
FS33291 -- SOLD OUT

Elephants bring you descendant luck, good governance for executives and protection for their owners. They also take away troubles and is a protective symbol. They are used to represent loyalty, wisdom, longevity and elegance. They are symbols of good luck and excellent fortune.

Golden Elephant -- FS2631 -- SOLD OUT

Golden Mama Deer
FS2022 -- $16.50
The Deer is synonymous with wealth and job income. The Chinese word Deer is pronounced as Lu, which sounds like wealth. The Chinese God of longevity is seen accompanied by a deer to symbolize the trinity blessings of good fortune, wealth and longevity.

Golden Papa Deer
FS1891 -- $17.50

The turtle produces wonderful results to enhance career luck, longevity and health, wealth luck, family luck and education luck.

Golden Turtle -- FS33211 -- SOLD OUT

Money Frog became the holy creature that protects against misfortune and promises to bring to any household bigger enrichment in wealth. We're talking about creating abundance in wealth for serious Feng Shui practitioners.

Golden Frog -- FS3442 -- SOLD OUT

Sometimes the Money Frog will have a throne on its head to signify its king's authority of creating wealth. Money Frog became the holy creature that protects against misfortune and promises to bring to any household bigger enrichment in wealth. We're talking about creating abundance in wealth for serious Feng Shui practitioners.

Golden King Frog -- FS3442K -- SOLD OUT

Symbols of fertility for those who are wishing for babies in their lives, also bring luxury and financial security to children and mother. The pig brings extremely good fortune to households and its presence signifies prosperity, wealth, abundance, fertility and reasonable success in all affairs. This item is targeted for those who intend to gain smoothness in acquisition of wealth and abundance. It would also bring you the good possibility of a big fat salary for those seeking for a new career.

Golden Pig -- FS8471 -- $13.50

The crab represents speed, agility and quicksilver thinking. Its quite scary-looking pincers is brute strength and vigor personified, while its sideways skittle shows the crab's cunning, manipulative strategist side. For anyone in the midst of career success or scholarly pursuits. This item should be placed on a work desk.

Golden Crab -- FS33621 -- $13.50

Dolphins are magical creatures. Their energy will lift you out of a stuck mental condition and inspire you to change your life. They help you to think more freely and creatively. Tap into the power of the Dolphin. Place these Dolphins in your entrance or in the children and creativity area. They can also be placed in your office to help you out.

Golden Dolphin -- FS9651 -- SOLD OUT

Fish represent success and keeping them in a pond or aquarium is said to bring good luck. Symbols of fish or artwork containing fish may be placed in the study or office to bring success and good fortune in business.

Golden Koi -- FS3377 -- $9.75

The turtle is the symbol for long life and the baby turtle is the symbol of new beginnings and good luck for your decendents and your children. A sweet combination of Hagen Renaker Miniatures.

Mama & Baby Turtle -- FS3321 -- $12.50

"Su" Chinese Girl
FS5001 -- $70.00
Creativity and children live together in the same part of your home (according to feng shui) because they share the same energies. Creative people and children are both free to express themselves, no matter what other people may think. And when they are around, fun is always nearby.

"Le" Chinese Boy
FS5002 -- $70.00