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Roan Lady
Zara & Zilla The Colts Abu-Farwa
Sespe Violette Cinco & Exi Retro Amir Colors

Lay-away is available for each of these Maureen Love Re-issued pieces.
Please email me for details.

Little-Shoppe is pleased to be able to offer Hagen-Renaker's Re-Issued Horses directly to our customers, friends and collectors. All pieces are shipped from the HR factory in San Dimas - Please allow 4-6 weeks delivery time. Take a moment to look around, the pieces are beautiful - All pieces are offered in the following colors Charcoal Gray, Black, Bay, Dark Chestnut, Chestnut, Gray, White, Rose Gray, Buckskin, Palomino, Black/White Pinto, Calico Pinto. Dappled is also available. There is a $25.00 extra charge for Dappled - Look around so you will be sure of your color choices. Little-Shoppe accepts credit card purchases through Paypal, personal checks and money orders.

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Hagen Renaker Horse Amir
Small Amir

Hagen Renaker Horse Abu Farwa Hagen Renaker Horse Abu Farwa

Hagen Renaker Horse Sespe Sespe Violette
Hagen Renaker Horse Small Zilla
Small Zilla
Hagen Renaker Horse Roan Lady
Roan Lady
Hagen Renaker Horse Large Zara Large Zara & Zilla
Hagen Renaker Horse Sherif
Hagen Renaker Horse Exi
Hagen Renaker Horse Lying Fez
Lying Fez
Hagen Renaker Retro Horse
Hagen Renaker Horse Cinco

Maureen Love, known for her beautiful horses, had a realistic style that was more than just an anatomy lesson in nature. She captured the personality and beauty of the horses and other animals she so deeply loved. Her uncompromising spirit and desire to create the perfect model has left a legacy of incredible artwork. Hagen Renaker has reissued many of those original horses so that all collectors can enjoy the beauty and incredible talent of Maureen Love.